There is no question that going on a buying spree in Myeongdong or checking out the beautiful Namiseom Island must get on the listing of everybody that is visiting the country for the first time, but simply in instance you want to check out several of the less took a trip courses too, right here are four areas that really couple of immigrants ever before reach see on their browse through to South Korea.

Oedo Botania

The lavish green island of Oedo Botania looks so puzzlingly ideal as well as attractive that it s unsubstantiated you are not taking a look at a fairy tale island from a youngsters s book. As a matter of fact, Oedo Botania is also called the Fairytale Island! Although the arrive at the island was not for vegetation, in the beginning, the authorities turned it into a marine botanical garden four decades back. The only way to get to the place is by taking the ferryboat, and also in spite of its elegance, it still is among those places that extremely couple of international tourists ever visit.
Ikeseon Dong

A location near Seoul where old Korea and also new Korea come together, Ikeseon Dong is practically concealed from lots of people by tall buildings, as well as unless you know that it exists and ask the citizens about the area, it s extremely hard to just chance upon it. Historically, it is a Hanok town, but it s popular amongst the locals today as a place that has standard, Oriental teahouses, complimenting the contemporary cafes nearby. There are stores in Ikeseon Dong as well, which are inhabited mostly by tarot card viewers and hand-made products (soaps, scent, etc.) sellers.
Wolmido Island

It is a better choice to publication hotels in Incheon prior to really reaching the area due to the fact that the rooms fill up pretty fast in this active and preferred port-city. As soon as you reach your hotel though, wear t simply limit yourself to the neighborhood sites, however go a bit additional and also explore the lovely Wolmido Island, which exists at simply a kilometer s distance from the city s coast. Getting there is simple as it s connected to the city by the freeway and also as soon as you do arrive by bus, the peacefulness of the location is intoxicating. It s hard to think of that such a relaxed and also beautiful location exists so close to the active city.
Boseong Eco-friendly Tea Area

The Boseong Eco-friendly Tea Area is an eco-friendly tea plantation that competes a monstrous 1,384 acres. You will certainly have to do a fair bit of hiking to succeed of the trail and see the magnificent views available, however the views and also the experience are more than worth it. As you can visualize, environment-friendly tea is the style here, so you will certainly find every little thing in matcha flavor, that includes matcha powder, matcha cappucino, matcha gelato as well as even matcha biscuits as well as matcha chocolates!

Not that this is a complete list of all secret locations in South Korea that vacationers miss out on, but these 4 must be enough for your next trip. Nevertheless, you will certainly need to locate time for several of the major attractions as well.